Friday, December 15, 2017

Now THAT'S a Christmas card!

"With every Christmas card I write..." crooned Bing Crosby in that festive chestnut 'White Christmas'. Well, I'd like to take this opportunity to wish a Merry Christmas to everyone who joined me in celebrating the fortieth anniversary of VIA by supporting my Trackside with VIA series, especially this year's Research and Recollections!

Greetings of the season to Lance Gleich for this Happy Holidays card that arrived today with his book order. Lance captions his photo, "VIA Rail Canada P42DC 900 wore the special wrap for Canada's Sesquicentennial as it departed Montreal, Quebec at Wellington Tower with Corridor train No 669 on an icy April 3, 2017"

This card is mantle-approved and Santa-approved. 
Thanks, Lance!

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Honoured, Chris...

Fellow blogger Chris Mears posted his impressions about my books on VIA Rail, going waaay back to Trackside with VIA - The First 35 Years. It was December, 2011 when Chris first sent me an email about some of the discoveries he made, "Good evening Eric. I was leafing through Trackside With VIA when I discovered some really great GO consists. The first ones I saw were toward the back of the book and I'll admit that quoting the cliché of "Christmas morning excitement" is akin to what I felt as I headed to the section on the '76-'81 consists." 

I share that excitement, Chris! It, and responses like this one from good folks like you, are what make this journey so interesting, so rewarding and so enjoyable. 

Here is Chris' post from his Prince Street Terminal blog:

I remember reading my copy of Eric Gagnon’s first book on VIA Rail in a hotel room in the early morning hours of the day in the company of a friendly mug of hotel coffee, quietly as the sun rose and privately while the city considered how it might start its day. The book had arrived just in time to tag along on a road trip and I remember vividly how exciting it was to leaf through page-after-page of train consist data. I love exploring data. Any data. On the surface “the data” can sound like such a dry and uninteresting commodity yet it comes alive once you spend some time getting to know it. 

The more patiently you listen, the more passionate that once emotionless voice becomes as it rises to tell its story like the breathe that effortlessly becomes a opera. I remember how exciting it was to pick a particular car number and then search through the book to see how often it would appear on that particular train or if it ever appeared on another service. With each reading and then re-reading, I’d discover some new treasure like the many special consists Eric included – who knew that tucked neatly into the pages of a book dedicated to VIA Rail trains I’d find consists belonging to commuter train consists from Montreal or Toronto?!

In the years since that first book was released Eric has continued to tell this story. Where the first book was dedicated entirely to sharing Eric’s listings of train consists the follow-up books have so beautifully built on each preceding volume’s work and each time, contributing once more voice telling the story of VIA Rail’s operations through the eyes of the railfan. And it’s not just Eric, it’s amazing how the books have become a party attended by all the cool kids from the VIA Rail(fan) community.

This spring and purely by chance I found myself in a familiar place. The room changed but the hotel and the city? All old friends together again. With another mug of Cambridge Suites’ finest hotel room coffee in hand I was ready to attend the first pages of Eric’s most recent book. These books work so very well together and many times I find myself pausing so I can excitedly cross-reference an observation from one against a line from the other book. Just as Eric’s inclusion of the commuter train consists felt like a personal treat, this latest book’s chapter on VIA Rail yard operations feels especially special – thank you.

The books represent a truly rich collection of information published on the railway and I consider owning copies, a fortunate privilege. Just as the joy of travel by train is often described as one experienced as much in the destination as in the experience of the travel itself, these books are not simply something to own and have read but to read, to study, and to indulge in.

Thank you for investing in these, Eric, and making them available for us to enjoy. Like watching a trip unfold through the windows of a train car, I’m looking ahead hoping to catch a glimpse of what’s to come.


Here is Chris' original post. I'm grateful to Chris for the top photo of VIA 6905 at Montreal with the Renaissance demo cars, which appeared in my second book.

Highball, Chris!

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Great Britain, great review

There are VIA Rail modellers in Canada. Even in the United States. And, Great Britain!

Recently, I was contacted by Peter Bowen, publisher of the The Roundhouse, the Official Publication of the National Model Railroad Association - British Region. This contact came through Edd Fuller,of the fine The Trackside Photographer blog. Peter kindly shared a review he wrote for The Roundhouse. The review highlights VIA Rail, more specifically Trackside with VIA - Research and Recollections, and the review is reproduced above. I enjoyed seeing Peter's photography in the early VIA era among the review text!

Peter kindly put me in touch with Linda Tinker Railway Books, a bookseller specializing guessed it...railway books!

This incredible series of connections clearly shows the global reach of the internet, of blogs, and the incredible interests of the international fraternity of rail enthusiasts. Even those interested in North American modelling, potentially specifically VIA Rail. I'm especially proud to have this connection with the land of Trevithick, of Brunel and of the Rev. W.W. Awdry. The home of trainspotting!

So, rail enthusiasts in Great Britain can buy copies of my books through the above-mentioned bookseller, on their home soil - that green and pleasant land.


Saturday, September 16, 2017

Cool on a Hot Day

The latest of several fine Canadian hobby shops to stock my latest book on VIA Rail is Canadian Express Line. Based in Brighton, today's train show in nearby Picton allowed me to make another delivery of a book order in person. Dave Cool was busy with customers when I got to his booth - I gladly 'took a number' to let paying customers get their throttle and magazines, respectively.

It was a hot day, and I found it warm in the arena, but it was cool to be a supplier as well as a customer to Dave. Cool! We agreed that my books on VIA Rail are highly specialized, very detailed and don't necessarily appeal to the 95% of model railroaders at the show. But the 5% inhabiting my particular micro-niche would be more than pleased.

Before I left the show, the books I delivered were priced and for sale, and hopefully heading to hobbyists' bookshelves. They're already on the Canadian Express Line website:
If you're placing an order with Dave, consider adding my latest book to your order.

Monday, August 7, 2017

The Greenlaw-Gagnon-Greenlaw Exchange

The only thing better than talking to one VIAphile is talking to two VIAphiles. I had that pleasant opportunity this afternoon with fellow VIA author Chris Greenlaw stopped by to pick up a copy of my latest book. And brought his Dad, Tom!

Patterned on an earlier exchange, Chris picked up his copy of Trackside with VIA: Research and Recollections, much as he had back in 2012 picking up his copy of Trackside with VIA: Cross-Canada Compendium and Consist Companion. We not only share an interest in VIA books, we both enjoy the creativity and individuality with which we have created ours.

As the blue jays bathed and the leaves rustled, we sat on the patio and talked trains. Tom related his illuminating trip on VIA's Canadian, and is an avid G-scaler. Chris recently completed a cross-Canada road trip with his boys, wisely preserving it online in a Bonjournal blog and is obviously knowledgeable on not only VIA history but also VIA current affairs, foibles of the VIA website, missed business opportunities and their shrinking network.

Tom remembers buying a book from my booth at a Kingston Rail-o-Rama train show a few years ago. This made an initial connection between Chris and me that is still intact!

Chris' seminal MBI book on VIA Rail from 2007 remains THE authoritative history on VIA Rail.
It was great to meet with Chris and Tom!


Thursday, August 3, 2017

Free copy?

Trackside Treasure, my main Canadian railway blog, will be celebrating its ninth anniversary soon. As with each anniversary, I mark the occasion with a commemmorative post and a celebratory anniversary contest. This year, the prize will be a free copy of Trackside with VIA - Research & Recollections!

Due to orders received for my earlier three books in VIA, all are currently well-stocked! Thanks to Bryan Babcock of Allan Graphics here in Kingston for the to-the-door delivery!


Sunday, July 9, 2017

VIA Prototype Modelling!

When I heard that VIAphile and book contributor Tim Hayman was presenting a VIA Rail session at this weekend's Maritime Prototype Modellers' Meet, I helpfully suggested that he shamelessly plug Trackside with VIA - Research & Recollections or any of my books on VIA Rail, for that matter!

Photographic evidence of the event prove that Tim did just that! The screen shows the magic word 'consists' and Tim holding Trackside with VIA: Cross-Canada Compendium Consist Companion during his presentation. 

The meet also featured Tim's VIA prototype modelling that I was so pleased to showcase in my latest book. Thanks, Tim!


Friday, July 7, 2017

Selling Out?

Professionally-printed, self-published, sold everywhere. My books on VIA Rail are distributed by a very slimmed-down shipping department: my dining room table. Each is packaged and shipped individually. There is no shipping and handling charge. Only actual postage cost, which thankfully has not gone up recently! 

Now that initial customer orders have come in, I'm getting interest from hobby shops that want to sell my book as well. I have absolutely no problem with this. It's all about getting my books out there into enthusiasts' hands. Today, my inbox included the weekly George's Trains e-flyer. It was neat to see one of Toronto's major hobby shops advertising Trackside with VIA - Research & Recollections!

Dealer terms are 40% dealer discount and the dealer pays shipping to their store. More dealer inquiries are coming in, giving customers the choice of ordering the book directly from yours truly, or adding it to their e-commerce cart or stack of stuff they're taking to the checkout in-store.

Either way, I'm happy to see enthusiasts getting healthy doses of both rich recollections and robust research!


Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Who Likes Trip Accounts? I Do!

Tim Hayman is a valued contributor to Trackside with VIA - Research & Recollections. Not only a knowledgeable VIAphile, Tim actually rides VIA trains! Previously, Tim had posted his excellent trip accounts in an online forum. Now, Tim has sagely started his own blog, in which he includes the same excellent accounts, but with the added value of his photos from each trip.

Tim is seen about to board VIA Business Class car 3477 in Montreal (above).

Prepare to enjoy the ride. All aboard for Tim's Train Travels. En voiture! I've also added Tim's blog to the sidebar of my main Canadian railway blog, Trackside Treasure so I can follow along with his journeys. And you can, too!


Thursday, May 25, 2017

CANADA 150 Wraps - The List!

I've been busy fulfilling orders for Trackside with VIA - Research & Recollections. At the same time, I've been scrambling to complete my list of two-sided CANADA 150-wrapped VIA equipment, as the four-month wrap program wraps up (pun intended). As always, click for a larger version. 

I believe this list is unique, and is just the kind of trackside research I've enjoyed putting together in each of my books. 

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Will the Circle be Unbroken?

Some things you just cannot predict. When we lived in Lachine, QC we would often travel to the south shore to visit the Canadian Railway Museum at Delson. Dad was a Canadian Railway Historical Association member and had complimentary admission. At the time, the museum was in its formative stages, with much equipment stored outside and pole barns not yet built. My siblings on ties in September, 1964 (above) - no benches, either! I was at home, only a few months old when this photo was taken by my Dad.

Now renamed Exporail at St-Constant, the CRHA has done much to keep the museum improving. Recently, I had a nice email from Mylene Belanger, archivist at Exporail, requesting a complete set of my books for the museum's archives. The books are currently on their way to Exporail!

I think my Dad would be pretty proud to have his son's books in the archives and to see the museum flourishing over fifty years later. Things really do come full circle and the circle is unbroken.
and thanks, Dad!

Saturday, May 6, 2017

First book review!

As soon as I could, I ordered Eric Gagnon's fourth VIA Rail book, "Trackside with VIA: Research and Recollections". Eric had been writing about his upcoming book for a while at his book blog, and my anticipation was growing and growing. Eric is a good salesman!
[Book Creator's note: I'm really pleased to publish Steve's realistic and balanced review. from his long-standing Confessions of a Train Greek blog. Steve has also been a long-standing blog partner on my main Canadian railway blog, Trackside Treasure. Please read on...]

I placed my order and paid via e-transfer (his first!) and in a few days the book arrived in the mail. As requested Eric had signed the interior, and to my surprise it was numbered Copy #001.

Research and Recollections is a soft-cover perfect bound book with 124 pages plus the title page and table of contents page. The book contains a lot of text, as well as numerous small photos (mostly black and white) and a number of tables. This is not a coffee-table picture book, but it is very accessible and easy to read.

After several introductory pages (including a foreword by Tim Hayman and a dedication to the author's father) the book launches into a series of trip reports. These really set the tone for the book and draw the reader into the world of VIA Rail in the 1980s. Eric is a meticulous record keeper and it shows in his stories. The level of detail - what he ate, what he paid for it, for example - is impressive, yet it doesn't detract from the stories. In fact, I would say the details add to the stories and really place you in the moment.

These stories take up about 40% of the book, and include black and white photos related to the stories, as well as several "triVIA" boxes featuring.. well, trivia about VIA Rail.

After the stories are numerous research articles, from vice-regal cars to sleeper car swaps in Winnipeg to the IC3 Flexliner trial, and much more. Maybe the book title should really be Recollections and Research to be in the proper order! These articles are very engaging and each could easily be expanded into a quality magazine article.

Guest contributors Tim Hayman, Don McQueen, Mark Sampson and Mark Perry have their own sections in the book. Maybe in book five Eric might invite a transplanted Easterner to contribute... what do you think? ;)

After the guest contributions follows what is, in my opinion, the weakest part of the book. There are 26 pages of consist information, a full 20% of the book. I know Eric loves consists, and so do many other railfans, but for me that was 26 pages of fast forwarding. Maybe that's why I read the book so fast the first time!

This section is followed by 10 pages of colour photos, six per page. Many are Eric's but other photographers are also represented. Full advantage is taken of the colour to show VIA's many wraps, from Home Hardware VIA 6429 to the Grey Cup train to today's Canada 150 wraps. A huge variety of VIA equipment is shown, including F units, RDCs, the blue and yellow fleet, Renaissance... VIA certainly has had quite a variety!

The final few pages of the book include some reference material and tables to finish it off.

I think by now you can tell that I really like Research and Recollections. The stories at the front really give a good flavour for what travelling on VIA Rail was like in the 1980s, and the many research pieces and photos - especially the colour ones - provide a great deal of deep information on many aspects of VIA past and present. I'm not interested in the consist tables, but I'm sure many people are. Even if those pages were completely blank, I'd still recommend this book!
[So there you have it. Thanks very much, Steve! I now have two projects. The first is to get Steve involved in my next book project. And here's my pledge - Steve will be on page one. (Steve, you heard it here first, my friend!) The second is to get him more interested in the incredibly intensely-interesting intricacies and  importance of train consist information!]


Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Repeat Customers are Satisfied Customers...

...and this is a repeat customer. Looking back, this purchaser of my latest book not only felt moved to post this to Yahoogroups just now, but also was one of the first 10 purchasers of each of my four books. Thank you Derek Thompson for your kind words about Trackside with VIA: Research & Recollections

"I received your book today, Eric, and I see that I am now set for reading material throughout the summer. 

As good as your previous offerings were, this is a cut above that, and already I am having difficulty putting it down. There are several bonuses, not the least of which are photos of Tim Hayman's terrific HO models. 

It is evident that a tremendous amount of effort went into this release and I, for one, am grateful that you took the time. 

I highly recommend the book to anyone with even a passing interest in Canadian passenger rail. Not only is it a treasure trove of information, with a wonderful array of photos, the price is also remarkably low. At about half the outlay for - say, a Morning Sun book (in Canada), it has many times more in value, at least to me. 

Thank you, Eric!"

Highball, Derek! 
Just like the two westbounds waiting to leave Toronto Union! (above)

Saturday, April 22, 2017

It turned green! Highball! Now available!

I'm proud to announce the launch of Trackside with VIA: Research and Recollections, my fourth book on VIA Rail. The idea for this book was planted last fall, and it's sprouted this spring. Professionally printed by Allan Graphics here in Kingston, with graphic design by Bryan Babcock, I'm especially proud of this fourth volume. It's perhaps the most 'personal' of the four. If a picture tells a thousand words, two Youtube videos should be worth quite a few more: What's In This Book? and Behind the Scenes.
With 20 more pages than my second book published in 2012, including a 10-page colour section, there has been no price increase. And postage within Canada is still included in the price of $35! As with all my other books, I aim to keep the price reasonable, encouraging sharing of the information it contains. Getting it out there for posterity!

The best place to check out all the details? I encourage you to check out my New VIA Rail Book blog, which is at top right of Trackside Treasure's sidebar. There you'll find information on the book and its creation, but more importantly my email address for Interac e-transfer through a Canadian financial institution, alternaively a printable order form if you'd care to order with a cheque or money order by snail mail in the US or Canada.

I usually ship within two business days when an order is received. Each book is shipped in a padded mailer with cardboard stiffener, and can be signed if desired. I'll be at Kingston station platform at 6 pm for a one-hour launch for local railfans.

So how is this book different and why? Why does it deserve a place on your bookshelf? I think you'll find within its covers a nice mix of text, data and photos. Maybe you can find some of this information elsewhere.  But it won't be all in one place for your perusal. And frankly, some of this information is not available elsewhere. Not only is there research, data and photos of mine, but also of my contributor team: Tim Hayman, Don McQueen, Mark Perry and Mark Sampson brought their expertise in modelling, locomotives and VIA operations in Northern Manitoba and VIA's Canadian, respectively.

Let's face it - there are very few books on VIA Rail out there. I've listed the only ones in existence in my first book, and I've added two published since then in this book. Now there is one more! Trip accounts from throughout VIA's history, and consists from 1981 to 2016 comprise the 'personal' parts of the book. Not knowing my Dad had saved consists that I'd lost track of (no pun intended), I've included them, plus accounts of VIA trips made by my parents, as well as photos of VIA operations taken by my Dad and my brother in the 1980's. All in one convenient package! Bryan was kind enough to deliver the first print run to my house, which we eagerly opened and posed for our graphic designer/book creator photo! Now that's service!
Just the facts:
  • Trackside with VIA: Research & Recollections
  • $35 delivered anywhere in Canada
  • 126 pages
  • 106 B&W photos
  • 78 colour photos
  • colour covers
  • 10-page colour section
  • all the details here!
***As always, thank you for your interest in my books and I trust you'll enjoy them 
as much as I enjoyed creating them.*** 
- Eric

Friday, April 21, 2017

Now arriving!

This is what it's all about. This is what it all comes down to. A knock at the door, and it's Bryan from Allan Graphics. He has a delivery. This is really going the extra few miles! Soon stacked in the front hall, it's the delivery of the first print run of Trackside with VIA: Research and Recollections!
After opening up a box, it's time for a delivery photo-op with Bryan. He still can't believe how many rail enthusiasts there are in Canada! But every book he prints for me, he gets a much better idea!
Thank you Bryan, and Allan Graphics for facilitating local printing of my fourth book!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Contributor Delivery at Kingston!

With a great team of contributors aboard for Trackside with VIA: Research and Recollections, a particular pleasure is making sure their contributions are rewarded with a complimentary copy. Even better is a delivery to a contributor who's riding the train through Kingston! Contributor Tim Hayman was doing just that, aboard No 65 after arriving Montreal on No 15 and before departing Toronto on No 1.

It was great to meet Tim, albeit briefly, and provide him with some reading material for his cross-country trip. I really appreciate the contributions all my contributors have made! Shortly after the delivery, I got this message from Tim:

I showed the book to the attendant who let me off, and as we were chatting, the other Business Class attendant came over and said, "Are you Eric Gagnon?" I said no, but I'd just met him on the platform. He said, "Oh no, I wish I knew!" He says he's been following the development of your latest book (he has the others) and is set to order this one, too!
Tim reached Vancouver today! Before leaving, he left the above creative whiteboard artwork (above).

Top photo by Karen Gagnon

Monday, April 17, 2017

Making Things Easier!

With my previous three books, I got just as much feedback on ordering as I did on the book. That was five years ago. We weren't set up for online banking or PayPal. Now we are set up for online banking which means E-Transfer is ready!

Lots of customers would rather not have written a cheque (can't remember the last time I wrote one, they said!) then having to stick a stamp on an envelope (can't remember the last time I used a stamp, they said!!). And I get that. So now, E-Transfer is ready! It's nearly instantaneous, it's free, it's secure, it's just an email away, and it's quicker. The order is placed right away and I'll ship within two business days. And it's not subject to mail strikes, which beset delivery of my first book!

Please include your mailing address, number of copies, and whether you'd like them signed and if so, to whom.

The photo shows the contributor copies arriving. They're now on their way to my contributors. We're just a week away from the release and from making things easier!


Saturday, April 15, 2017

Bonjour, Jean-Francois!

A shout-out to VIA car attendant Jean-Francois who was working VIA No 65 through Kingston today. Thanks for your interest in my books on VIA Rail! If you care to drop me an email, I would be happy to arrange a delivery of a copy of my latest book for you at Kingston on a future run! No shipping charge for on-train deliveries!


It Turned Yellow!

When this book blog background becomes yellow, it means one thing...the highball is approaching. My graphic designer is in the final stages of production of Trackside with VIA: Research and Recollections, and since I worked towards an April release all winter, it's about time!

Stay tuned for the official release date. It shouldn't be long now.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Sneak Peek Proof

A couple of sneak peeks from the hard copy proof from my graphic designer. Above is one of the ten colour pages, which include recent Corridor trains, early Super Continental and Canadian, LRC, RDC's, Northern Manitoba, VIA HO-scale models, F40's, modern Canadian - a colour sampler of a plethora of VIA trains, new and old. I'm happy with the colour reproduction on the coated paper.

I've again included "triVIA" tabs wherever possible. Not just filling white space, no! These tabs present little VIA factoids that will be of interest to VIAphiles. And Bryan and I got a better colour for the cover - not only more easily-discernible from my Trackside with VIA Cross-Canada Compendium blue cover, but a nice representation of VIA teal.

Monday, April 3, 2017

CANADA 150 Update

Creating a book is great fun, but VIA Rail keeps rolling on. VIA Rail's CANADA 150 silver sesquicentennial fleet, that is. While I update VIA developments that have occurred since 2011 in this upcoming book, CANADA 150 wrapping of P42's, F40's, Business Class and economy LRC coaches and even lounge car Glenfraser roll on. As the book went to the graphic designer, I had to draw a line in the ballast.

For the VIAphiles out there who keep rolling on, here is the current state of the CANADA 150 fleet as of April 3. And if you happen to see VIA 913, the engineer's side of 900 or the other side of 3364, drop me a line!

Click for a larger version!

I trust you'll find this information useful. As with all other VIA information, it is tons 'o' fun to put together.


Friday, March 31, 2017

Changing the Water into Wine

And changing the black & white into colour. Tonight was a book draft perusal and proof-read. A glass of dry white Las Mulas didn't seem to hurt the process any.

Though this page will be one of ten colour pages in my upcoming book, right now it's just a black-and-white issue.

I really like the way this book is coming together and my graphic designer truly does have the patience of Job as the emails and attachments fly back and forth!


Friday, March 24, 2017

Bird in Hand

Right now, I'm like the guy holding a dove for release at a wedding. Or at the Olympics. I'm holding the dove. I know what it can do. It can spread its wings. It can fly. It can go far.

The dove I'm holding is Trackside with VIA: Research and Recollections. But right now it's merely a handful. My graphic designer is working his magic. Getting ready to fly...

Highball! Soon I hope,

Monday, March 13, 2017

Read me a Storyboard

Storyboards - I used two of these to position the various items in my new book for planning purposes. Each item was represented by a post-it note that was easily repositioned. Necessary to get the book in order in my mind's eye. Now their usefulness has come to an end. They are in the recycling box.

Originally purchased for a train show display (below, shown with my first book), I repurposed them for storyboard use. I may repurpose them again as stiffeners in padded mailers I send my books out in. Ensuring your copy arrives in good shape, and I've never received a report that a copy has been damaged during shipping.

Awaiting word from my graphic designer,
I'm ready for the...

Saturday, March 4, 2017

You Can Judge a Book By Its Cover

This just happened. An email from my graphic designer with the subject line "Just a Teaser" included this image. Will you see everything shown on the cover within the covers? Yep. A wide range of eras, operations, equipment, trips and even modelling.

Research and recollections.

Just like it says on the cover!


Sunday, February 19, 2017

What's in this book?

As I prepare the material for my fourth book Research and Collections for my graphic designer, I have a list to share with you of just what's in this book. If it fits. If I have more room, I'll add more.

Trips aboard VIA to Vancouver, Calgary, Portage la Prairie, Winnipeg, Prince Rupert, Ottawa, Quebec City from 1980-2017
Business Class
Kingston platform sights and sounds
Trains to Churchill
Swapping sleepers at Winnipeg
Canadian consists at two locations
Vice-Regal Car Trips
More Rescue trains
IC3 Flexliners in VIA service
Working the Canadian
Modelling VIA
F-unit Paint Transition Data
Discovered Consists
2011-2017 Update and Consists
Refurbished LRC cars
F40 Wraps
F40 Rebuild dates
Locomotive Roster
Car roster
10-page colour section
180+ photos supporting the text and data.

As always, I need my books to be data-packed, photo-filled, interesting to read and good value for the money. This one will be.

Coming April 2017

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Contributor Profiles #2, 3, and 4

No time for lengthy blogging about this. Too busy. Doesn't mean I'm not incredibly proud of the contributor team who will be adding so much GOOD STUFF to this book.

  • Tim Hayman
  • 'Diesel' Don McQueen
  • Mark Perry
and previously announced:
  • Mark Sampson
Great to have all aboard!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Contributor Profile #1

I thought I'd do some biographical sketches of the contributor team for my upcoming fourth book on VIA Rail: Trackside with VIA: Research and Recollections. Each of my books has been graced with a great team of generous contributors. This one is no different.

But as soon as I started penning each profile, I figured anyone reading this would want to know more about just what the contributors were contributing. All this takes time and my time right now is being devoted to tying everything up with a big blue & yellow ribbon. So, in the interest of brevity, I'll just leave you with a name for the first contributor.

That name is...
Mark Sampson.


Sunday, February 5, 2017

Caption, my Caption

175 Photos! The good news is, I've chosen and grouped the photos for Trackside with VIA - Research and Recollections. The bad news is, now I have to write captions for them! Newsy captions. Content-filled captions. Correct captions. Accurate captions. Not-guessing captions. Not that it's not fun. It is.

Side question - how many dozen F40 and P42 nose photos can one possibly look at. Answer - not too many. Variety is the spice of life and the same is true of VIA photos. I call it VIAriety. Well over 100 are from the F-LRC-Turbo era. The remainder from the F40-P42 era.

And I'm expecting a vital addition from a valued contributor. A keystone of sorts.


Ditch-liqht-equipped Super Connie at Saskatoon in 1979. D J Gagnon photo