Sunday, August 25, 2013


In January I posted 85 Uses. In 85 days post-publication, I listed ways in which my books had served modellers and rail enthusiasts. Here's another one: in an online discussion about weird and wacky VIA consists (of which there were many, and still are!) this week, my Compendium's triVIA mention of VIA HEP EGU (ex-baggage cars) came up. These cars were used to provide heat to LRC cars between the Toronto Maintenance Centre and Union Station.

Another gratifying example of the usefulness of these books! Now the modeller involved in the online discussion can haul LRC cars without an HEP-equipped locomotive. This kind of validation is always nice to see!


(VIA EGU 15301 brings up the markers on Amtrak Superliner test consist in 1984 - Brian Schuff photo)