Thursday, August 18, 2016

Blog Partners Partnering

Two of my valued blog partners, Chris Mears and Steve Boyko, and I were recently commenting on one of Chris' thought-provoking posts. The topic was the nexus of  enthusiasts studying prototype railways for model railway inspiration, and the resources available for those who are modelling from memories of others. 

"... talking about the future I couldn’t resist the urge to ask where we’ll find our inspiration as our relationship with real trains gets further distanced. I’ve met so many new modellers who are doing really great work yet don’t have that rich history with real railroading that so many of our model railway forefathers had." --Chris

"It’s harder to get to a train for many of us and when we get there it isn’t as easy to get as deeply involved as we once might have been able to."  --Chris

"People like Eric Gagnon who publish what is a little unconventional – basically masses of data in some cases – are doing a great service to today’s and tomorrow’s modellers and historians by sharing valuable information. This kind of data is useful to modellers who don’t have that direct experience. For example, I can’t model the 1980 Canadian based on my experience – I never saw it – but I could model it pretty accurately based on photos, consists from Eric and others, books, and so forth. We live in magical times." --Steve
"Eric’s books stand as an equally unique and truly wonderful resource for the prototype modeller. I’ve spent so many hours happily combing through those consists and mapping patterns waiting to be found. I feel like I’ve learned so much about VIA just from observing it and it leaves a sentiment that feels like the one I might have had, if I’d had the chance to be there trackside." --Chris
Validation. Confirmation. Realization. Animation. Action. Documentation. I like Steve's term 'masses of data'. I'll keep amassing because someone, somewhere will be looking for it somehow, someday!
Highball! Eric
 Memories (top photo) and Reality...VIA Nos 47 and 42 at Kingston, December 2014.