Saturday, May 23, 2015

On to Ottawa!

I'm looking forward to visiting the nation's capital on Tuesday, June 9. I've been asked to speak to the Ottawa Valley Associated Railroaders' June meeting. The topic I've chosen to present is Kingston Platform Scenes. Not only will I cover railfanning Kingston's stations, I'll also link it to how these experiences and the observations I made led to the creation of my books on VIA Rail! Not to mention departing the platform on trips across Canada and doing my darnedest to inspire those in attendance to create their own projects, be they in scale, in print or online.

I'm looking forward to meeting the group at the St Anthony's Soccer Club Hall, for dinner and train talk. I'll try to stay on track and on schedule. I like the sound of the collaborative nature of the OVAR - tying together myriad interests across the railroading spectrum - model and prototype. They have a great online newsletter, I might add!

Of course I'll be bringing copies of my books on VIA Rail along for the ride. My sincere thanks to the group for this opportunity. According to the OVAR's Peter Jackson, as a speaker I join a most august group who have made presentations and I'm honoured to be able to make this trip.


(Photo - VIA No 655 Eng 910 approaches Napanee West at 0708 on May 23, 2015 having just made its Napanee stop)