Saturday, November 14, 2015

VIA Paper by the Pound!

Throughout its history, VIA Rail Canada has published a plethora of paper items in a variety of formats: from pocket-sized regional timetables to glossy travel brochures. I can remember station racks of tri-folded 8x11 size brochures advertising charter trips, destinations, services, special fares and onboard services. Colourful, attractive and informative.

Some of these formats were holdovers from the days of CN and CP passenger services; as VIA grew, new formats appeared. Some useful, some not. Then there were other paper items - ticket folders, schedule cards, hat-checks and many more.

Having acquired my own plethora of VIA paper items, it's time to downsize and avoid duplication. I'm calling it VIA Paper by the Pound. Don't worry, I'm keeping one of everything! Email me at address at top of right sidebar if you're interested in a pound.