Sunday, July 9, 2017

VIA Prototype Modelling!

When I heard that VIAphile and book contributor Tim Hayman was presenting a VIA Rail session at this weekend's Maritime Prototype Modellers' Meet, I helpfully suggested that he shamelessly plug Trackside with VIA - Research & Recollections or any of my books on VIA Rail, for that matter!

Photographic evidence of the event prove that Tim did just that! The screen shows the magic word 'consists' and Tim holding Trackside with VIA: Cross-Canada Compendium Consist Companion during his presentation. 

The meet also featured Tim's VIA prototype modelling that I was so pleased to showcase in my latest book. Thanks, Tim!


Friday, July 7, 2017

Selling Out?

Professionally-printed, self-published, sold everywhere. My books on VIA Rail are distributed by a very slimmed-down shipping department: my dining room table. Each is packaged and shipped individually. There is no shipping and handling charge. Only actual postage cost, which thankfully has not gone up recently! 

Now that initial customer orders have come in, I'm getting interest from hobby shops that want to sell my book as well. I have absolutely no problem with this. It's all about getting my books out there into enthusiasts' hands. Today, my inbox included the weekly George's Trains e-flyer. It was neat to see one of Toronto's major hobby shops advertising Trackside with VIA - Research & Recollections!

Dealer terms are 40% dealer discount and the dealer pays shipping to their store. More dealer inquiries are coming in, giving customers the choice of ordering the book directly from yours truly, or adding it to their e-commerce cart or stack of stuff they're taking to the checkout in-store.

Either way, I'm happy to see enthusiasts getting healthy doses of both rich recollections and robust research!


Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Who Likes Trip Accounts? I Do!

Tim Hayman is a valued contributor to Trackside with VIA - Research & Recollections. Not only a knowledgeable VIAphile, Tim actually rides VIA trains! Previously, Tim had posted his excellent trip accounts in an online forum. Now, Tim has sagely started his own blog, in which he includes the same excellent accounts, but with the added value of his photos from each trip.

Tim is seen about to board VIA Business Class car 3477 in Montreal (above).

Prepare to enjoy the ride. All aboard for Tim's Train Travels. En voiture! I've also added Tim's blog to the sidebar of my main Canadian railway blog, Trackside Treasure so I can follow along with his journeys. And you can, too!