Monday, August 7, 2017

The Greenlaw-Gagnon-Greenlaw Exchange

The only thing better than talking to one VIAphile is talking to two VIAphiles. I had that pleasant opportunity this afternoon with fellow VIA author Chris Greenlaw stopped by to pick up a copy of my latest book. And brought his Dad, Tom!

Patterned on an earlier exchange, Chris picked up his copy of Trackside with VIA: Research and Recollections, much as he had back in 2012 picking up his copy of Trackside with VIA: Cross-Canada Compendium and Consist Companion. We not only share an interest in VIA books, we both enjoy the creativity and individuality with which we have created ours.

As the blue jays bathed and the leaves rustled, we sat on the patio and talked trains. Tom related his illuminating trip on VIA's Canadian, and is an avid G-scaler. Chris recently completed a cross-Canada road trip with his boys, wisely preserving it online in a Bonjournal blog and is obviously knowledgeable on not only VIA history but also VIA current affairs, foibles of the VIA website, missed business opportunities and their shrinking network.

Tom remembers buying a book from my booth at a Kingston Rail-o-Rama train show a few years ago. This made an initial connection between Chris and me that is still intact!

Chris' seminal MBI book on VIA Rail from 2007 remains THE authoritative history on VIA Rail.
It was great to meet with Chris and Tom!


Thursday, August 3, 2017

Free copy?

Trackside Treasure, my main Canadian railway blog, will be celebrating its ninth anniversary soon. As with each anniversary, I mark the occasion with a commemmorative post and a celebratory anniversary contest. This year, the prize will be a free copy of Trackside with VIA - Research & Recollections!

Due to orders received for my earlier three books in VIA, all are currently well-stocked! Thanks to Bryan Babcock of Allan Graphics here in Kingston for the to-the-door delivery!