Sunday, September 27, 2015

Leading off the September October edition of Branchline!

At the OVAR meeting in June, I gave a presentation on Kingston Platform Scenes. After the meeting, I was asked by a member of the new editorial team for Bytown Railway Society's Branchline to submit some articles. Canada's Rail News Magazine is switching to a bimonthly publication schedule, as well as an exciting new format inside. 

Off I went to electronically scribble an article about being trackside with VIA Rail along CN's Kingston Subdivision. Stitching together consist information, early-80s photos and operational details from 1976 to the new millennium was enjoyable and challenging.

Fortunately for me, Malcolm, Earl and the other members of the editorial team were very helpful and gave great feedback. Little did I know the article would lead off the first new-format Branchline, the September-October 2015 issue!

It's been a pleasure sharing some trackside treasure from throughout VIA's various eras. Watch for more articles. I think I'm on a roll.