Wednesday, November 30, 2016

35 Years in 3 Days

How is this possible, you ask? How can 35 years be covered in three days? Well, as part of the 'Recollections' piece of my fourth book on VIA Rail, I'm doing a deep recall of my trip aboard VIA in 1981. Interestingly, I travelled from Kingston to Winnipeg over CN lines on the Super Continental. All blue & yellow consist on a curve out of Capreol. Lookin' fine!

With a combination of a pre-written journal of subdivisions, mileages, schedule, dates and trains and good ole-fashioned pencil and paper note-taking, I'm reconstructing not only the trip west and then the trip east from Calgary through Winnipeg to Sudbury, Ottawa and Montreal aboard CP. Now I've finally transcribed it into a readable account. Travelling home from Montreal aboard exx-Reading Crusader coach 303? Amazing.

Spanning the decades resulted in three days' work. It was enjoyable entertainment. It was a remarkable reverie. It will be shared.


A 134-car CP grain train stabs the Super at West Tower on August 26, 1981. Someone was asking for photos of the former CP Express building. Here is one (top photo).

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Can I have a Word with you?

How about 38 Word documents? That's the count as of today. All of them are going into my fourth book on VIA Rail. They cover a range of VIA topics from a range of eras. They cover stations, routes, trains, equipment, trips and more.

Of course there will be more documents. And photos. And data. 


Friday, November 11, 2016

Colour FTW!

Blue. Yellow. Red. Grey. White. Renaissance Green. These colours are part of VIA's palette. Not to mention the background colours of scenery, stations, trackage and passengers. Having completed an informal survey, I've decided my upcoming, fourth book on VIA Rail WILL HAVE a colour section. Woot!

I really appreciate everyone's voluminous input on this topic. There will be something for the B&W fans and the colour fans. Many responses centred on depicting standard photos in black and white, but to really use the colour section for photos that 'pop' in that format. The people have spoken. The VIAphiles have voted. Notice the colour in use on a selection of VIA books (top photo)?

I'm glad I asked now, because I'm deep in data and text preparation. Photo selection will follow and I will be using the above criteria to guide that very enjoyable process. 

Thank you and...

Friday, November 4, 2016

What 's Colour Worth to YOU?

Is it worth 33% more? Would you buy a book that features 10 pages of colour photos and pay a third more? If it was Norfolk Southern, Penn Central or even CN zebra stripes, you'd probably say no. But what if it's the yellow, blue, green, silver and red of VIA? My fourth book will include lots of photos.

In this season of political polling, this is...publishing polling. I'm trying to decide if my fourth book should include a colour section. If you have my last book, you can reflect on this question first hand, with the Cross-Canada Compendium in hand.

This is your chance to vote or comment. I truly appreciate your input on this!