Saturday, February 10, 2018

1,215 Copies Sold!

This week I sent the last two remaining copies of the first print run of Trackside with VIA: Research and Recollections east and west, to Montreal and Alberta respectively. Don't worry, my printer will be getting an order for more. Printed locally, I'm always able to keep copies of all four books on VIA Rail in stock.

But with this last sale, I ran the numbers (see left sidebar for each volume's sales) and they total 1,215 copies of these four books that have found their way to store shelves, bookshelves and the hands of eager modellers and VIA Rail enthusiasts. Thank you for your support.

This winter and spring I'm working on a new book project. While it takes a slightly different tack, or track, it still includes VIA Rail and will focus on trainwatching in Canada's railfan capital, Portage la Prairie, MB. The project is called Trains & Grains - a two-volume set due out this spring.

CP Rail Action Red 1409 leads VIA's only roadswitcher, 8558 and CP GP-9 8519 into "Portage" on the Canadian on August 22, 1979. And you are there!