Saturday, September 16, 2017

Cool on a Hot Day

The latest of several fine Canadian hobby shops to stock my latest book on VIA Rail is Canadian Express Line. Based in Brighton, today's train show in nearby Picton allowed me to make another delivery of a book order in person. Dave Cool was busy with customers when I got to his booth - I gladly 'took a number' to let paying customers get their throttle and magazines, respectively.

It was a hot day, and I found it warm in the arena, but it was cool to be a supplier as well as a customer to Dave. Cool! We agreed that my books on VIA Rail are highly specialized, very detailed and don't necessarily appeal to the 95% of model railroaders at the show. But the 5% inhabiting my particular micro-niche would be more than pleased.

Before I left the show, the books I delivered were priced and for sale, and hopefully heading to hobbyists' bookshelves. They're already on the Canadian Express Line website:
If you're placing an order with Dave, consider adding my latest book to your order.