Friday, November 11, 2016

Colour FTW!

Blue. Yellow. Red. Grey. White. Renaissance Green. These colours are part of VIA's palette. Not to mention the background colours of scenery, stations, trackage and passengers. Having completed an informal survey, I've decided my upcoming, fourth book on VIA Rail WILL HAVE a colour section. Woot!

I really appreciate everyone's voluminous input on this topic. There will be something for the B&W fans and the colour fans. Many responses centred on depicting standard photos in black and white, but to really use the colour section for photos that 'pop' in that format. The people have spoken. The VIAphiles have voted. Notice the colour in use on a selection of VIA books (top photo)?

I'm glad I asked now, because I'm deep in data and text preparation. Photo selection will follow and I will be using the above criteria to guide that very enjoyable process. 

Thank you and...

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