Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Will the Circle be Unbroken?

Some things you just cannot predict. When we lived in Lachine, QC we would often travel to the south shore to visit the Canadian Railway Museum at Delson. Dad was a Canadian Railway Historical Association member and had complimentary admission. At the time, the museum was in its formative stages, with much equipment stored outside and pole barns not yet built. My siblings on ties in September, 1964 (above) - no benches, either! I was at home, only a few months old when this photo was taken by my Dad.

Now renamed Exporail at St-Constant, the CRHA has done much to keep the museum improving. Recently, I had a nice email from Mylene Belanger, archivist at Exporail, requesting a complete set of my books for the museum's archives. The books are currently on their way to Exporail!

I think my Dad would be pretty proud to have his son's books in the archives and to see the museum flourishing over fifty years later. Things really do come full circle and the circle is unbroken.
and thanks, Dad!


  1. He wouldn't be "pretty" proud he would be EXTREMELY proud!!! He might also say "you're a gentleman and a scholar!"

    (p.s. from your sister: please save me two copies!)

  2. Thank you Eric for this post :) Your work is very interesting and we're glad to have your books in our archives center!

  3. A very fulfilling part of the book creation process, indeed!
    Thanks for your comments,