Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Repeat Customers are Satisfied Customers...

...and this is a repeat customer. Looking back, this purchaser of my latest book not only felt moved to post this to Yahoogroups just now, but also was one of the first 10 purchasers of each of my four books. Thank you Derek Thompson for your kind words about Trackside with VIA: Research & Recollections

"I received your book today, Eric, and I see that I am now set for reading material throughout the summer. 

As good as your previous offerings were, this is a cut above that, and already I am having difficulty putting it down. There are several bonuses, not the least of which are photos of Tim Hayman's terrific HO models. 

It is evident that a tremendous amount of effort went into this release and I, for one, am grateful that you took the time. 

I highly recommend the book to anyone with even a passing interest in Canadian passenger rail. Not only is it a treasure trove of information, with a wonderful array of photos, the price is also remarkably low. At about half the outlay for - say, a Morning Sun book (in Canada), it has many times more in value, at least to me. 

Thank you, Eric!"

Highball, Derek! 
Just like the two westbounds waiting to leave Toronto Union! (above)

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