Sunday, February 19, 2017

What's in this book?

As I prepare the material for my fourth book Research and Collections for my graphic designer, I have a list to share with you of just what's in this book. If it fits. If I have more room, I'll add more.

Trips aboard VIA to Vancouver, Calgary, Portage la Prairie, Winnipeg, Prince Rupert, Ottawa, Quebec City from 1980-2017
Business Class
Kingston platform sights and sounds
Trains to Churchill
Swapping sleepers at Winnipeg
Canadian consists at two locations
Vice-Regal Car Trips
More Rescue trains
IC3 Flexliners in VIA service
Working the Canadian
Modelling VIA
F-unit Paint Transition Data
Discovered Consists
2011-2017 Update and Consists
Refurbished LRC cars
F40 Wraps
F40 Rebuild dates
Locomotive Roster
Car roster
10-page colour section
180+ photos supporting the text and data.

As always, I need my books to be data-packed, photo-filled, interesting to read and good value for the money. This one will be.

Coming April 2017


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    1. Hi SH and Steve,

      I am sharing your enthusiasm big-time! Thanks for your support and interest.