Monday, August 6, 2012

Photos, anyone?

Oh boy, that was fun!  I just finished preparing a sheaf of photos for my upcoming book on VIA Rail.  As I've mentioned before, when I start looking at photos representing all eras of VIA's history, I forget there's work to do.  Easily distracted, I've included a very, very small sample here.  The one-of-a-kind blue-roof CP-painted 1418 (above) and stainless steel ex-CN sleeper waiting for disposition (below):
And here's E-series sleeper Ernestown (below).  The funny thing is, these are pictures that you won't be seeing in the book.  These are unassigned, waiting on the back burner so to speak, as extras.  I have so many photos to include that some very, very difficult decisions had to be made.  The photos in my book will directly support the text, instead of just being random, under-captioned photos to fill white space.  I've selected enough photos to produce complete photo pages matching the text.  Seriously considering some colour...
This post comes at the end of a nine-hour work block.  It's been a good book day.  Photos are nearing readiness, and eastern Canada's VIA history is looking a lot more complete.  I've printed off and proof-read a lot of text, and this thing is really coming together!

Another first book is now available through Flying Yankee Enterprises in Littleton, Massachusetts.


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