Saturday, July 21, 2012

Dispo. Firsto. Lasto.

In the previous post, I mentioned that VIA 6300 was the last unit in my list of VIA equipment dispositions.  While I continue to refine the list for my second VIA book, I thought I'd include the first and last of the nine pages here, to show how this list of information continues to grow.

I've included storage, retirement, sale, re-sale and scrapping dates to paint a picture of VIA's fleet on a chronological basis.  Through the various rounds of cuts and fleet rationalization, new equipment comes online and older equipment is disposed of, while smaller railways, tourist operations, museums and scrappers benefit.

As you can see here, disposition has been ongoing throughout VIA's history, though the rate has certainly slowed down recently.  The last eight years, 2004 to 2011 require a mere eight lines, while the first four years, 1981 to 1984 fill a page.

I hope book customers will find this information as engrossing as I do, and that you might find it a useful reference source while reading all about VIA, its trains and its routes over the past thirty-plus years.  Click to read all the fine print!



  1. this is book is sexier by the week!

    ERIC, you'll be happy to know that after only 6 weeks on the job, Ive been asked to be an Activity coordinator on the Canadian!

    Long live the rail fan!

  2. Well, this is the first time the project has been called sexy, Mark. Have to see what I'll do for the center spread :)

    Seriously, I am shoehorning as much content in as the binding will hold. Photo editing going well, and will post some of the rejects.

    Excellent news about your career path at VIA! On the job training!

    Thanks for your support and your kind comments,