Saturday, July 7, 2012

It's a pre-VIA! It's a non-VIA! It's VIA!

What's one to do when one comes across train information from just before the VIA era or non-VIA trains?  (While not strictly speaking VIA trains, they either included equipment soon to be assimilated into VIA Rail, ran concurrently with VIA trains, or included ex-VIA equipment.)  The answer?  Keep track of them, and I did.  There will be a section in my second book including those trains...CN, CP, Amtrak, Rocky Mountaineer, heck even GO and ONR will be included.  These trains are relevant to VIA - the progression to VIA was a slow one, and the disposition of VIA cars was also a slow process.  In fact, when the cars from the 1981 cuts were disposed of, there was space for the cars from the 1990 cuts.

In other news, my first book will soon also be available at two more locations - Trains and Lattes in the ex-CN station in Jasper, Alberta and Hobby Vermont & Essex in Montreal.

More printer is ready to fire up the (digital) press.  When required.  I had a nice email back from Bryan Babcock at Allan Graphics this week.  He still can't figure out why people are interested in the numbers and minutiae of passenger trains, but a second book is helping him understand.  In the days to come, he and I will be talking about page counts, photos, fonts, formatting and even a colour section.  


Pre-VIA westbound Turbo, spring 1974 at Mi 182 Kingston Sub, L.C. Gagnon photo (above).

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