Monday, August 27, 2012

Are 200 Photos Enough?

Well, it's crunch time.  Editing decisions being made amongst a sea of sticky-notes.  I'm making room for 200+ photos.  F's! F40's! P42's! Cars! RDC's! LRC's! Ren's! B&Y! S/S! IC3! Yikes! Even some VIA stuff I didn't know existed.

While this second book on VIA Rail is not primarily a 'picture book', it will be a book of pictures.  And text.  And data.  I've heard that a picture is worth a thousand words.  Well, here are 200,000 words!

The people have spoken.  And I hope to meet your expectations by honouring your requests for more photos.

Speaking of meets, that's VIA No 3 Eng 6519 meeting our VIA No 4 at Uncas AB, May 1986.



  1. hey ERIC.

    glad to read that things are progressing well on this new book. I hadn't checked its status in a few weeks as I have been busy on the road the entire month of August.

    Anyway, funny you should mention photos; I've just come in to owning a unique VIA slide dated July 1982. I believe the photo was taken near Port Hope. Anyway, it shows 2 LRC's pulling the Canadian!! First photo I've ever seen of this type. Perhaps these photos are a dime a dozen to you, but it was a real treat to me, so a bought it off ebay. Long story short, did you want to use it for your new book? If so, send me an email:

    PS. i'm the VIA employee who posted on here about 2 months ago.



  2. Great to hear from you again Mark, and good to hear you're getting lots of trips in this summer.

    I am very happy with progress on the book so far, and I am definitely planning on the 200+ photos. Can I have a photo of everything that ever ran on VIA? Probably not, as the degree of variability was extremely high. But I'll certainly give it a try.

    I'd heard somewhere about two LRC locomotives pulling the Canadian...