Wednesday, April 6, 2011


This picture encapsulates VIA's history: a telegraph pole dating back to the era when passenger service was a proud part of CN's operations and a P42DC - the most modern units in the modern VIA locomotive fleet.

As I enter the final stages of tying together the two ends of VIA's relatively short history, I'm struck by the stages of its evolution. Here are the working titles for chapters covering these eras:

1976-1981 Beginnings
1982-1986 Potpourri
1987-1990 New Power
1991-1995 End of Steam
1996-2000 Transition
2011-2011 Renaissance

Now, to select photos to accompany the text. Highball!


  1. I love the chapter titles! They really evoke the different periods of VIA.

  2. Ian, thanks for your comment. Glad you like the working titles, and they're also bilingual, which is an important consideration for a VIA book. The project is getting close to completion, and I'm looking forward to seeing the chapters and everything else in print.