Thursday, March 24, 2011

Eras and Context

Not only have I finished the transcription phase, I've now finished proofreading all the train information that I've prepared for the book. Though the information is ready for publication, it isn't really complete without being presented in the appropriate historical context. (I hesitate to use the term historical when referring to VIA Rail, but there it is.)

To accomplish this, I'm drafting a composite history of VIA: combining corporate, operational, equipment and trackside elements to give the reader an idea of why VIA ran the trains it did, when it did, in each of its eras. This history will precede each era's train information, and help to answer those often-asked questions...When did the LRC enter service? Why did VIA buy F40's? How and when did VIA's transcontinental trains operate on CN and CP?

If you enjoy this type of contextual background, and find it as educational and interesting as I do, it should add to your enjoyment and reading of this book. VIA's trains tell a story, and I think you'll find this a good read. Highball!

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