Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Here's the Proof

The LRC was in production for years. It wasn't until we saw the initial touring consist, pictured at Kingston (above) that we could believe it was finally complete, and about to debut.

I received a proof from my printer on Sunday. It wasn't until I saw the initial proof that I could believe it was almost complete, and about to be printed.

The proof was a full-colour illustrated cover, and several pages for my perusal. Bryan Babcock of Allan Graphics has done some very nice graphic design work. I shouldn't have been impressed, knowing he's good at what he does, but I was. Truly impressed.

I've heard a lot about this moment, when an author sees his work coming to fruition for the first time. Though only a partial proof, I shared that feeling. I'll be adding some more photos and making some minor revisions, but I already know this book is going to look good on my bookshelf. Or night table, railfanning bag, computer desk or other handy location. Maybe yours too.



  1. I look forward to having it on my bookshelf! Do you have any idea what the pricing will be yet?

  2. Thanks for your support, Steve. Short answer, no.

    Pricing will depend on factors such as final page count which determines production cost. The size/weight of the book determines shipping cost. Stay tuned - as soon as I have that information you'll see it on this blog first of all.

    More than a few people who have been through this process have advised me to announce the price only when I'm absolutely sure. It's really hard to change that figure once it's been made public.

    Rest assured, as a book buyer myself, I see some outrageous prices charged for railway books, and I've been committed from the start to keeping it affordable. From its genesis, this project has been more about sharing than it has been about profit for me.


  3. Where will it be available for purchase - somewhere online?

  4. Hi Drew,

    Yes, right here. I know you were present for MANY of these early consists. Why the heck did our parents allow us to frequent the railway tracks at 4 am with our lanterns and snacks??

    Please stay tuned for ordering information. You'll see it here first.