Monday, March 19, 2012

Useless car numbers?

Well, it had to happen sooner or later.  I received an email recently from a disappointed customer, which included the following:

"79 pages of useless car numbers in a book of 116 pages"
"no discussion of the Renaissance car program"
"no value for $25.00"

The Renaissance program has expanded to involve refurbishing of LRC coaches, plus the purchase of P42DC locomotives and assembling Nightstar equipment from the United Kingdom for Corridor service, and the program signals a bright future for passenger rail transportation in Canada.  While I could have provided more information on a variety of topics, Rens included, I gave a lot of thought to what to include and had some difficult choices to make.  Given this was not a corporate history of VIA, merely the observations of a VIAphile, is this a valid point to raise?

I can't agree that my book does not give value for the money.

I have asked for suggestions from this customer as to how to resolve this situation satisfactorily, and I hope we can find some common ground.  I would also like to thank the many, many customers who have been so overwhelmingly positive in their reactions to my book.  I know the vast majority of you are interested in those 'car numbers' and find them more useful than useless.

UPDATE...haven't heard a word from the customer mentioned in this post.  But today I received kind comments from a customer in Alberta, who appreciated the VIA details and congratulated me on my book.  So -1 plus +1 brings us to par.  Enough said, keeping it positive,


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