Sunday, March 11, 2012

It's Show Time !

I'm getting my train show gear together for this weekend's Rail-O-Rama, the hometown premiere of my book.  Checklist...copies of my book, table display, flyers to distribute and my VIA stepbox. Now, I don't expect to be up on my stepbox giving a speech (I'd need a soapbox for that), although I am looking forward to talking trains at the show.

Although I've sent the book to customers across Canada, the US and around the world, this will be a great venue to sell the book locally, to others who've watched VIA roar up and down the Kingston Sub like I have.  If you're able to make it to show, I'll see you there!

Sunday evening post-show...The show was enjoyable.  I got to talk to many attendees about trains, sold some more copies and tried to encourage several people who had something to share to get it in print or online.  We all agreed the benefits can be tremendous, and making information available to a greater number of interested people is always good.  My show neighbours Bob, Paul, John, Paul, Doug and Paul were most helpful and great to talk to.


  1. Hi Eric,
    Best of luck with the show! I was thinking I might make it down to Kingston this weekend, but I won't be able to. Maybe next year!


  2. Thanks, Adam. You probably noticed that my VIA stepbox in this post's photo is not 'prototype'. I made it out of a plastic storage bin from Dollarama! I'll post a report on the show, and I hope to come across at least one 'find' there.