Thursday, May 23, 2013

CRM Reviews my Latest Books

Canadian Railway Modeller magazine features a review of my Cross-Canada Compendium and Consist Companion volumes in the Canadian Book Reviews in the latest issue (T19T1):

"If you have an interest in anything and everything VIA, you're not alone - Eric Gagnon shares your passion! This book, along with its follow-up, Consist Companion, is the second and third published by Eric; the first, was reviewed in T18T2 of this magazine.

Cross-Canada Compendium reveals the history of VIA Rail Canada beginning with its conception in 1976 and up to the present day.  Well-illustrated, with period photographs depicting the early equipment from Canadian National and Canadian Pacific that was in service when the stand-alone Canadian passenger rail line was conceived, the book follows the development of both the material and political aspects of the company.  It shows how, in a relatively short time, VIA overcame many obstacles - most of which are discussed in the book under their own separate headings.

The author's research and understanding of how VIA has matured to what it is today stands out in the writing  and additional information such as graphs and tables of information regarding equipment numbers and types.  There is also an array of colour and black & white photographs throughout the book, along with its colour covers.

The 48-page Consist Companion accompanying the Compendium is similar to the author's first book: it is a listing of consists from western, corridor and eastern VIA passenger trains, and includes some pre-VIA and non-VIA trains such as those from Amtrak that ran in Canada, along with the Rocky Mountaineer - all valuable information for those interested in recent passenger operations in Canada."

"Overall, these two new books are very valuable reference guides."

Thanks to Morgan, John and Russell at CRM for reviewing my book.  As a charter subscriber to CRM, I find something interesting in every issue -  among prototype and model topics!

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