Sunday, February 17, 2013

VIA + Bus = Book

I had a visitor from the east yesterday.  'X-CN Ken' Wadden,  former CN, VIA and AMT employee who wanted copies of my two recent VIA books. Ken is shown above on his second-last run in 2009.  We emailed back and forth, and from the discussion, I gathered that he rode VIA...a lot. I offered to deliver his copies to his train at Kingston's VIA station.  He said it was okay, he'd drop by my house.    He was looking forward to an adventure, having checked out Kingston Transit's online schedules.  Ken, you are The Intrepid Traveler!
Ken arrived on Saturday morning, we had a short chat and he picked up his books.  Gotta go - bus to catch! (While Kingston Transit is no longer operating GMC fishbowls, 7975 is shown at the PUC car barns on Counter Street, with Permanent Concrete in the background).  Both return-trip bus drivers were well-versed on the railway scene, and were also avid VIA riders.

Ken's suggestion, and I think it's a despicably daunting though tempting one, is based on his perusal of my books on the trip back to La Belle Province aboard VIA Nos 54/56.  Running 25 minutes late, that gave Ken some extra reading time, and he's suggesting a VIA Learning Centre in my basement, in an ex-Reading Crusader lounge car mockup no less.

Having clearly enjoyed his trip, this was yet another unusual and interesting method of delivery to a customer.  It's just another thing that makes the creation of these books so much fun. Merci bien et amusez-vous bien avec vos livres sur les trains, Ken!


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