Saturday, October 6, 2012

Proof, Part 2, Dash 3

Four days ago I blogged here about the proof copy of my second book.  Having worked through it, and having sent some revisions to Bryan, I'm expecting a second proof tomorrow.  This time it will be the complete book - including all text, consists and colour sections.  

There may be another round of revisions to be made, because I want to make sure everything is as accurate and correct as I can get it, the first time around.

Which brings me to the Dash 3 in this post title.  Although I refer to VIA's 6400-class F40PH-2 locomotives throughout the book, some diesel experts refer to the refurbished Renaissance-painted units as F40PH-3s.  Though there's some debate as to which is the correct designation, I would note that all the refurbished units are in VIA's class GPA-30H, like 6437 at Kingston (above).  When it comes to diesels, details count.

Now, one more sleep 'til the proof.


  1. Very much looking forward to the new book, Eric! On the topic of proofs, I would quote a former Canadian Prime Minister who once said... the proof is in the proof. The proof is the proof and you know that, because its proven.


  2. Thanks for your kind and philosophical comments, Adam. I'm tempted to quote Donald Rumsfeld to describe this book process: his famous 'known knowns' quotation. Only Donald could obfuscate that way.

    Another wise person corrected my misquote "The proof is in the pudding" to "The proof of the in the eating." Quite right.

    Or in this case, in the reading. I've enjoyed reviewing it, and submerged my printer in revisions!