Friday, September 21, 2012


In spring 1974, long trains of CP* RDC's were operating in Montreal's West Island lakeshore commuter service.  Approaching Valois, station, the 'hockey-stick' or 'warpaint' scheme adorns the nose of the first of six Dayliners on a weekend run into Montreal.  Waiting on the platform (L.C. Gagnon photos) were two other Canadian classics, who had their debuts in 1961 and 1964:
*Today marks the birthday of the 1961 edition, who knew early on that CP rightfully stood for Canadian Pacific, but now thinks it means Collaborative Piano!  Oh well, deep down we both know that railways are absolutely the bedrock of modern North American society as we know it, and that all else is secondary, right?

I'd like to link these three years with 2012, and another birthday...that of the proof cover of Trackside with VIA: Cross-Canada Compendium, fresh from the designer's desk.  Bear in this mind this is a proof, but I like the way it's looking and hope you will, too.  The next step is to fill that space between the front and back covers...
And Happy birthday, sis!
Highball! (no, not the drink, but we can raise a glass to celebrate anyway, across the miles)
Baby Bro (Eric)


  1. How sweet of you, Baby Bro'...!!!
    That photo dates from a very brief period when I was actually taller than you were..!
    And I think the two CPs can co-exist...
    Glad to see your new volume taking shape!!

  2. Happy birthday to your sister Allison, and WOW that cover looks great! Brian S and I were just talking about you and your book yesterday.

  3. Hi Steve,

    Communications running from Kingston to North Carolina to Kingston, now Winnipeg to Kingston back to Winnipeg!

    Brian mentioned you guys met up (which saves me a blog comment - nice photos of 6409 with the Canadian, thanks for sharing!)

    Brian has been a big help on this project. He and I are of a similar 'vintage', we've both 'fanned Portage, plus spent time at Wpg Union and East Yard independently back in the day. That's his photo of the Canadian backing from CN to CP at Portage on the cover proof.

    Regarding the cover, we need to tweak some of the photo cropping and placement, and my designer Bryan says that all the train pictures are starting to look the same to him:) I told him that's because he's not *trained* yet. He's done a similarly nice job with the first few pages. (Those back cover images are merely a teaser to what will be inside)

    My sister is actually something of a railfan, snapping pictures of rail doings on her drives back to the GWN (two hands on the wheel, eh?)

    Thanks for your good wishes and comment,

    1. Post that photo from Roanoke this past August...that's some railfan proof for y'!? (As I'm writing this I'm hearing a train whistle and I"m not quite sure where it is coming because we don't really have an active rail line in Winston..!)

  4. Right. Don't think I could live in W-S. (How about that one by Bus 421/E Salem? Also Amtrak and NCDOT, or could just be reading a RR blog doin' it - phantom whistle?