Monday, May 28, 2012

'Twas A Year Ago

It happened one year ago.  Email from printer.  Boxes arriving at door. Eagerly unpacked.  Blog background turning from red to green. Emails and orders coming in, by morning from as far away as South Australia.  Wow - there are more VIA fans out there than I thought! A couple of mornings later, this was the scene as copies were going in the mail:
While I have a few copies left for sale, I'm working hard on the next volume.  I've rounded a bend, but I'm still on the same track. There's a lot more VIA information I want to share, and I'm convinced a year from now (or less) I'll be repeating the above paragraph.  Meanwhile, I can't thank customers enough, as well as those who have offered support for my next book.  Thanks to all!

Oh, and did I mention photos to share too?  Lots and lots of photos.


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