Monday, April 2, 2012


Getting the Space Shuttle into orbit required different types of fuel, for use during different phases of the launch sequence before entering Earth's orbit.  Similarly, I've found that different types of fuelling are required for a book project like this.  First comes the fuel of inspiration.  Next, the fuel of contemplation as the scope of the project takes shape and is organized.  Then, propelling the project forward in some electronic format, and finally, fuelling the whole assembly with data and information.

While there were some issues early on with each of these steps, it's now safe to say that the final stages of the fuelling process are underway.  While my first book was six months in the making, this one has taken a little longer, with about six months already elapsed.  That doesn't mean the project is running short of fuel, in fact the potential energy is building quickly now, while my first book still has plenty of life in it.

Watch for future posts that will describe some of the information this project is being filled (or fuelled) with.  It's gonna be a gas!


Mark Walton photo - 6785 at Ottawa station's fuel rack, December 1983

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