Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Book Donation

Lyon Valley Northern blogger Chris Lyon recently posted a request for donations for a great cause. Eastern Ontario's largest model railroad show, the Ottawa Train Expo is coming up in May. A Draw Table is part of the event, where tickets are sold on items donated by participating vendors or in this case, VIA book creators. Proceeds from the Draw Table will go to Roger's House, an eight-bed pediatric hospice located on the grounds of the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario in Ottawa.

Upon reading Chris' request, I was happy to donate a signed copy of Trackside with VIA - The First 35 Years. Here's hoping it will add to funds raised during the event. To find out more, simply click on


  1. Thanks for the donation Eric. What a great reference book. A VIA modeler's necessity for sure,

  2. My pleasure, Chris. Thanks for your kind comments about my book, and I trust it will find a good home. This sounds like a great cause, and I hope you'll let me know if I can be involved again next year in some way.

    All the best with the event,