Tuesday, August 23, 2011

1993 Toronto Run-Throughs

Steve Roberts has been looking through his copy of Trackside with VIA: The First 35 Years. I'm always interested to hear how customers are utilizing the book, putting the data to use in unique applications, and Steve provided me with his application. Steve models southwestern Ontario, which means that trains seen on the CN's Kingston Sub were running through Toronto to the area he models. These trains weren't all being shuttled to the Toronto Maintenance Centre - they would basically run-through in many cases, based on VIA's equipment cycles. Similar cycles existed at Ottawa and Montreal, keeping consists together since there was no need to turn the cars or change the length of the consist.

Steve sent two interesting examples of these cycles at Toronto, with each number being the VIA train number:

March 19, 1993
70 becomes 64
80 becomes 66
50 (loco & first 3 coaches/ via TMC) becomes 44
61 (cars & trailing loco) becomes 166
63 becomes 75
41 (loco & first 3 coaches/ via TMC) becomes 46
45 becomes 51
636 becomes 645 (wyed at TMC)
74 becomes 68
65 becomes 87

April 14, 1993
50 becomes 44
61 (cars & trailing loco) becomes 166
63 becomes 75
41 becomes 46
45 becomes 51
65 becomes 87

Steve adapted the above rotation from the April 1993 Rail & Transit, originally shared by Sean Robitaille. Indeed, based on the trains I saw at Kingston, it's possible to extrapolate these same consists into southwestern Ontario.


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