Saturday, July 23, 2011


Now that I've initiated another printing of my book, it's time to correct a few errors. As always, errors creep in despite best efforts. These will be corrected by Bryan at Allan Graphics in the new printing. If you already have your copy, here are five items listed by page number that you may wish to correct:

1. Page 56: May 18/84 1929 W Consist
-6798 should read 6789 (first locomotive)

2. Page 56: Sept 27/84 1500 W Consist:
-add "5" between Endeavour and Vice-Regal car 1

3. Page 85: June 15/10 Toronto Union Consist
-add "Manor" to "Douglas" so it reads "Douglas Manor"

4. Page 102: Club Galley section (car 654)
-change "St. James's Club" to "Saint James's Club"

5. Page 104 Sceneramic Dome section, (car 2703):
-change "Frazer" to "Fraser"

Let me know if you've come across other errors that may need correcting. My email address is listed in the Ordering Information in the sidebar.


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