Sunday, February 13, 2011

Paint Chips

An important component of my new book will be CN to VIA paint transition data. This information will be very useful to VIAphiles and modellers of VIA alike. Rolling stock, SGU's, locomotives and RDC's will all be included. With the able and generous assistance of Jakob Mueller, we've been able to put together spreadsheets with hard data as to when all the above rolling stock received VIA colours. New data points are being added daily from 1977-1979 train information I'm currently transcribing.

Dayniters, sleepers, baggage cars (wow, a lot of them hung on to CN colours for a long time), coaches, ex-CP stainless steel cars, and some neat niche cars including lounge cars, various meal service cars and Canadian Flyer cars included.

I'll also include some locomotive paint variations like the FPA4 that had a blue VIA on the nose (the Bluenose?), CN units that had the white CN painted out (the Rednose?) and other neat stuff.
I haven't seen this depth of detailed information anywhere else. This book will have it and more: timetables, consists of transcon trips I took, and what-happened-when in VIA's relatively short history. Highball!

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