Thursday, December 2, 2010

Western VIA Consists

In the 1980's, I made several trips on VIA to Winnipeg, Vancouver and Prince Rupert. I'll be including these consists in my forthcoming book. They've been the topic of discussions on Yahoogroups recently, as group members try to recall the Kingston Sub Canadians of this era.
I'll also include notes on cars that I saw stationed at various VIA terminals: Winnipeg, Vancouver and Toronto. These cars were either in the trainsheds, or in Winnipeg's case, spares or serviceable cars stored in CN's East Yard near the station. The variety of cars was startling: ex-Milwaukee domes, RDC's, minor fleets of second-hand sleepers, and railway business cars.
Above: VIA No 1 at MacGregor, Manitoba. Highball.


  1. Anything available from the late-1980s and early-1990s?

  2. Hi Manny,
    My last trip was 1986. That's not to rule out a second edition sometime in the future, with submitted consists from various eras including your suggested era. While the variety may have decreased somewhat, those consists are 'history' and so will always be of interest, especially for VIA modellers!

    As an aside, I really didn't expect to enjoy my retrospective journey through VIA history as much as I have. There was some neat stuff running.
    Thanks for your question,