Saturday, September 22, 2012

We Got a Pair!

Ex-CP E8 1802 was one of two surviving such CP units that were transferred to VIA.  Though built in the US, they were the only E's operated by a Canadian railway.  Sometimes they operated together in VIA service and/or with ex-CP F-units and/or ex-CP RS10's.  In Winnipeg, (shown in this partial photo, which will appear in full in my second book) they're pulling a train headed by an ex-CN baggage car eastbound.  I wonder if they're together??

This blog has split, like a cell dividing itself.  Part will be devoted to my first book, and part will be devoted to my second book, the latter getting the majority of the limelight.  A new joint order form and advertising is on the way.  The red background means the second book is close to completion.

Just like a green signal at the east end of Winnipeg station, when the green appears, you can probably guess by now, it's time to...


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  1. Posted on behalf of Mark:
    "Anyway, the new (tentative) cover looks great!, as does the table of contents.

    I was wondering if this book will be out before xmas?"

    Thanks for your positive feedback, Mark. We will be tweaking the cover here and there, and I really like the job Bryan did on it.

    To answer your question, I sincerely hope so. Makes a great Christmas gift, as they say on TV!

    Thanks for your support.