Sunday, September 16, 2012

Things that are Red

Remember the show Password?  The category today is...things that are red*.  Clues: the New VIA Rail Book blog background, the CBC 40th anniversary F40, and my face.  Why, you ask?

This blog's background has gone from blue to red to signify that a significant amount of material has been sent to Bryan Babcock at Allan Graphics here in Kingston.  He puts it all in this computer thingie, fires it up and it spits out a book design.  Presto!  OK, it's not quite that easy, but the red signifies something is about to happen.  When the background turns green, the book is ready!!

I photographed the CBC F40, 6403 at Kingston station on a snowless December 22, 2002.  A problem with CN train No 363 ahead led to a backlog of VIA trains, so VIA trains 642 (left) and 60 (right) entered the station at the same time.  Reminds me of my book - once I receive a proof from the printer, I'll be adding a second section to bring my second VIA book up to fighting weight (I really mean mailing weight).  It's a getting two VIA trains in the same photo.
My face is red because I haven't mentioned Manny Jacob's VIA F40PH-2 site.  Manny has been busy documenting and photographing VIA's F40 fleet including 6403, and I think these units would make a great book all on their own.

Many readers have expressed surprise that I'm already at this stage with my second book.  Well, I surprised myself too, and now I can't wait to see the results! The proof will the proof.


*Hosted by Allen Ludden, who married twice-divorced Betty White, the show revolved around clues passed between contestant and celebrity, to identify specific words in a given category.  Ludden was born Allen Packard Ellsworth, and yes, I did check to see if Ellsworth was the name of an E-series sleeper.  It was not.

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  1. Dear Mr Eric, WPG here, sorry that I have no I-spy update for Sar as I went to TRF, Thief River Falls Minn for the train show, but more the op to do a photo shoot in TRF CP-SOO yards and an excursion to GF-Grand Forks ND for the BNSF loco scene. Saw lots of stuff with the most interesting being Soo 2064 still in MILW bl/or colors and the big score with a KCS GE in the red/yel/bk colors in a BNSF 3 unit lash=up in GF. Will see Via no 1 on Mon Sept 17- on holidays this week, will call to hear progress on the printer. From the Winnipeg-Diamond look-out...