Saturday, September 29, 2012

Next stop...prochaine arret...Toronto!

I met a member of the Canadian Railway Historical Association's Toronto & York Division at last March's Kingston Rail-O-Rama, and he kindly asked if I'd be a presenter at an upcoming meeting.  Do fish swim?  Were VIA locomotive noses meant to be yellow!  Of course!  

Unlike the above image of slanted yellow nose FPA4 6768, I'll be arriving in Toronto behind a GO Transit 600-series MP40PH-3.  No, GO Transit has not been extended to Kingston, just to Oshawa.

My presentation will cover four main areas: VIA's Six Eras, My VIA Book(s), Why you should write a book, and triVIA.  By the way, I expect to hear some scintillating news from my printer this weekend about my Cross-Canada Compendium.

The Division meeting will be held at 1900 hours on October 11, at Metro Hall in beautiful downtown Toronto. Next stop...prochaine arret...Toronto!


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