Monday, October 15, 2012

Now - 3 books!

I had to make a tough decision.  And I believe I made the right decision.  All along, my second VIA book was going to be big - maybe too big.  I was right.  Weighing in at over 520 grams, this book would cost over $10 to ship.  No way.  I wouldn't pay that, and neither should potential customers.  So something had to go.

Now, I'm happy to announce that I'll be completing a VIA trilogy:

V1 - Trackside with VIA: The First 35 Years
My observations, interspersed with VIA history, photos and data. Published in 2011.

V2 - Trackside with VIA: Cross-Canada Compendium
VIA's equipment and operations, text, photos and data.  Complete - to be published October 2012.

V3 - Trackside with VIA: Cross-Canada Compendium Consist Companion
VIA's trains in consist format, from all across Canada, especially VIA's early years.  Also to be published October 2012.

I've split the consist section into a separate 52-page book.  Always curious to see if consists have caught on as a valuable source of information not available anywhere else, this book will be the test.  Did I mention VIA's early years, including eastern Canada, western Canada as well as the Corridor?  They are heavilly-represented here, and as time marches on, fewer of these consists seem to be available to us.  This book changes that.

Originally, I wanted all this VIA material between the same covers.  But the book grew to a size where that was not possible in the current format.  Don't worry, both books will be affordable, and both will give excellent value.  If you've read this far, you're interested enough in VIA to consider whether this information is valuable to you, whether you're a train enthusiast, interested specifically in passenger trains, or if you're a modeller.

Watch for more updates very soon.  V2 will be ready first, with V3 very close behind.


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